Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is Image Hosting Important?

A: The Feed Wizards standard service includes true image hosting where we download your product pictures and redundantly host them at a permanent image location. This means the image locations don't expire, and you'll face fewer "image not available" errors on the Comparison Shopping Engines. Image hosting is essential for Affiliates as well.

Q: Who are the Feed Wizards?

A: The Feed Wizards System is powered by Your Store Wizards ( The Wizards have been doing data feeds for over 20 years, even since the old days of "Froogle". And should you need a feed we don't have, we can build it for you

Q: Why Tiered Pricing Instead of a Flat Rate?

A: Our experience shows most stores use between 3 and 6 data feeds. By charging a modest price for additional feeds beyond our base packages, stores only pay for the feed services they actually use. Everyone wants a great value for their marketing dollars - 95% of our customers would pay MORE for a competitor's flat-rate service than they do for our "pay for what you need" plan.

LARGER STORES: Our per-item charge is lower than the competition, and we do not have feed setup charges. All our feeds are available right from the start regardless of the package.

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